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1 theirs absolutely no way Hamilton gets only 5/100, the rumored starting asking price is somewhere around 7yrs 200m. I would be surprised if he got that but someone is guaranteed to give him somewhere around 6-7yrs @ 25M plus.

2 the only way i would want Hamilton is on a 1 yr deal and pay him 30m or whatever to give this team the kind of bat we need to really make a run a the WS in what will likely be Pettitte and Mo's last yr.

3 I'm not Swishers biggest fan but i don't see how anyone can deny how valuable he was for us while he was here. He averaged .268, 27 hrs, 88 rbis a 367 obp with an 850 ops and was a 2.6 war player for us over 4 yrs. So many of u guys rave about J upton but those numbers are as good or better than his in alot of area's. My point being if we were getting an ofer that hit 270 with 25 + hr and 85 rbi potential with a 3.5 war last yr we'd be thrilled. 4yrs 60m is more than i'd like to pay Swisher but i have yet to see anyone suggest a player that we could sign that will put up those kind of numbers consistently for that price. Hamilton is going to cost close to double that with a far bigger risk associated with it. BI Upton who is capable of putting up very similar numbers, with far better defense and way more SB's is looking for 5yrs and 16-18m a yr but he also comes with a huge risk he'll regress from last yr become incredibly inconsistent again.
Unless we unload 2-3 of our better prospects were not going to find that kind of production or close for that kind of money IMO

Why 95% of the people on here want him gone especially with our offensive needs next yr is beyound me
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People want swisher gone for two main reasons:

1- Playoff failures. Nobody cares about the regular season in ny in any sport. Perform in the playoffs or you suck. See: Arod.....and Arod even won us a WS by himself. But the other playoff failures outweigh it in NY eyes.

2- Our other positions are on multi year lockdown. Hence, RF is basically the ONLY position we can make a change to shake it up a bit. So, Swisher is the fall guy.

Add in the fact of the $189m.....then why in the world would we commit 8% of that annual total and pay elite money (15m per) to an average solid player like Swisher? Need to cut salary somewhere.
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