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If this was the 90's only Cena would be a main eventer and that was if they brought back heel Cena. Punk - Orton- Bryan - Ziggler would be Jericho type guys and the rest would be jobbers/random tag teams. But Miz gets more spotlight in the media/PR stuff then Punk because he is known outside the wrestling world. To a lesser extent it is kinda of like Rock vs SCSA. Scsa is clear cut 100% better in the wrestling business etc then Rock but overall Rock has him beat because he is known through Hollywood.
SCSA was better by most standards and was a much better wrestler pre-injury, but I will say this. Rock, by the age of 28 in 99, was almost his equal in popularity. SCSA was 35 in 99 and had more experience in different companies.

Hollywood is what kept Rock from overtaking SCSA. If he stays and focuses strictly on wwe, then Rock had all the tools (mic skill, athleticism, solid in ring skills, all time great seller) to be #1 all time.

Miz obviously doesn't have anywhere near those gifts and Hollywood has probably helped his cause more than hurt it.