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    Which Coach had the best (COY) Campaign of the 2K ERA

    Award Winners the last 13 years:
     Season	Lg	Coach		Tm	G	W	L	W-L%
    2011-12	NBA	Gregg Popovich	SAS	66	50	16	.758
    2010-11	NBA	Tom Thibodeau	CHI	82	62	20	.756
    2009-10	NBA	Scott Brooks	OKC	82	50	32	.610
    2008-09	NBA	Mike Brown	CLE	82	66	16	.805
    2007-08	NBA	Byron Scott	NOH	82	56	26	.683
    2006-07	NBA	Sam Mitchell	TOR	82	47	35	.573
    2005-06	NBA	Avery Johnson	DAL	82	60	22	.732
    2004-05	NBA	Mike D'Antoni	PHO	82	62	20	.756
    2003-04	NBA	Hubie Brown	MEM	82	50	32	.610
    2002-03	NBA	Gregg Popovich	SAS	82	60	22	.732
    2001-02	NBA	Rick Carlisle	DET	82	50	32	.610
    2000-01	NBA	Larry Brown	PHI	82	56	26	.683
    1999-00	NBA	Doc Rivers	ORL	82	41	41	.500

    I think we can safely wipe Mike Browns name from the record book. Not sure what to make of Brooks, Avery and Mitchell but the rest are legit IMO, some more than others.

    I know its probably one of Pop's campaigns but for the sake of argument give me your Top-2

    My Top-2
    Hubie Brown 2004: I didnt see all that much of the Grizz back in the day but thats because they never gave me a reason to tune in. They had never had a winning record much less a post season appearance, but with a few masterful strokes, Hubie was able to guide a deep but mediocre team into the post season. That depth was they key but it was his management of those players really stood out. He did something no other coach save for maybe Pop has ever done since, which is get a group of 12 players to share heavy minutes. Some criticized him for limiting Pau to 31MPG but benching your best player for long stretches established his intended culture. 10 players logged more than 1400 minutes and the 11th player played 13MPG in 40 games.

    Its a testament to Pau that he was the good soldier, the payoff was a team I consider among the least talented to win 50 games. They pummeled teams during the regular season, but when the strength of your team is based on depth, your going to lose a chunk of your advantage in the playoffs. That said, this was a team that was greater than the sum of its parts, thanks to Hubie's genius plan that possibly ran thin with the group.

    #2 Doc Rivers: Dont want to drag this out too long but Doc won it because NO ONE expected the Magic to play .500 ball. They had lost Penny the year prior, Darrell Armstrong was the teams best player. To make matters worse and they had a shitload of free agents who had every reason to gun for their next contract with such low expectations on the team. Instead they defended like mad and nearly made the playoffs.

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    Question: How the **** did Phil Jackson not win COY in 1999-2000?

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    I'll back D'antoni. They never got it all done but he made his own style of ball relevent.

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