RC I don't buy a lot of that. Paxton has more value than a reliever. Some think he may end up there, but others think he could be a #2, hence is high propect rank.

Hultzen has more than just moderate upside. He was the #2 overall, dominated AA. He may not have a huge ceiling, but he is a pretty solid bet to be a #2/3. That's pretty valuable.

I also don't think "everyone" has Erasmo and Maurer. Some think Maurer makes a Big 4. Not everyone has that. And 22 year olds with some success in the majors like Erasmo are certainly not abundant.

Obviously teams will want Walker first. But if they want to get anything done, they will have to take less than a top 8 prospect in the league. Especially if he is included with one of our current bats. There's no way we do that, and they know that.

Butler isn't worth Walker. Upton isn't worth Walker yet. If thats what they want, they will never move them. i think we could get either without him. dont forget about Franklin. That's why we should sign Swisher and trade for a secondary type bat like Choo.

I understand what you are saying, I just think you are exaggerating.