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    After 10 games time to re-evaluate

    We are doing well without Henderson, do we test the market for him? Thomas is hurt, will we be able to get someone to bite on him when he gets healthy? Williams can be a throw in bonus for any team willing to give up a first round pick..... Diop is expiring and could help with defending Howard in the playoffs and is a veteran and knows how to use his fouls wisely, does a playoff team give us a second round pick for him????? Do we consider throwing in Gordon in any trades if it brings back a first round pick as well?????

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    Our players aren't that valuable


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    I don't think MJ is going to pay Hendo the $ he is going to want, given the right deal this is the perfect time to part ways.

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    I think Hendo wants to stay here, especially seeing as how we're on the up and up. He's the leader and captain on the team, and I feel that's something he values and enjoys. If we're discussing throwing big time money at FAs then I don't see why MJ wouldn't mind giving Hendo a healthy contract.

    And as for the rest of our players, I wouldn't get too excited. Diop is still a mammoth center who at best would get us a 2nd rounder. As for TT, I don't see why any team would give us anything valuable for a guy who's had major injuries the past 2 years. Not to mention his ugly contract.

    I do, however, feel that we'll move Williams to a playoff contending team. Most likely for a young prospect or a first this year or next year. He's a guy I'd watch to be traded.

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