what in the hell is going on with this guy? he needs to realize this isnt 2006 and he isnt 22 years old anymore. this guy is starting to really irritate me with his play. every punt return is him catching the ball, stopping for a few seconds, and either running backwards for -5 yards or running out of bounds. this guy is scared to get hit and it seems to me he is scared of running north and south. and at receiver, this guy makes a catch and spins into the defender or runs around from sideline to sideline to gain 2 yards. at this point with him, i think we should get rid of him while he still holds any sort of value. i would have traded him at the deadline along with a draft pick for Jared Cook Jr. I think Hester needs to sit for a few games and let Weems take his spot at returner and have Bennett, who hasnt been able to get any looks or playing time, take his spot as the #2. we couldnt get worse at either position with those two and i think i just about had enough of watching Hester contribute nothing to this team. just my two cents.