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    Quote Originally Posted by 1-800-STFU View Post
    Hopefully he leads off and we bring back Jerry Owens.

    I want the White Sox to start collecting failed leadoff hitters.
    Last time I heard his name, he had signed a minor league deal with the Nationals in 2010. I have no idea what happened to him since then. On baseball-reference, the last organization listed for him is the White Sox in 2009 (Charlotte for his minor league stats).

    To be perfectly honest, I'd take Owens over Wise at this point. Even being out of baseball for 2 years, Owens is still the better option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteSox0507 View Post
    Seriously, are we ever going to get rid of him? He puts up good numbers for 30 AB's and then gets exposed again and is terrible. Waste of money and a roster spot. Jordan Danks is a far better option. Heck, I'd take Tekotte over Wise too. What are the numbers for Wise? 7 minor league contracts in the last 3 years. If that doesn't tell you he doesn't belong in the majors, I don't know what does. I liked KW as a GM and I think Hahn will be a good one for years to come. Wise is one of the blemishes on both of their tenures.

    So sick of Wise. He sucks and it doesn't take a genius to see it. We are so obsessed with hot streaks...
    Son, you just don't get it, i'm talking bout TWTW!

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