Why today? Well, why not?

All these posts about new coaches, new players, new this, new that......blech!!! Maybe I'm optimistic, but I love me some Philadelphia Eagles. Even when times are hard, I still have to believe. The Eagles are just football, they are a big part of my fatherhood with my kids, a shared passion and a commitment that I have vowed never to stray from. Call me crazy, but I still think we run the East.

Reid never loses after a bye week - it happened
Reid never lost 6 in a row - it happened
Reid has never win a Super Bowl - could it happen?

It's been a year of firsts, why not?

So, starting now, until all hope is lost, believe.

Route, please leave this open, it will serve as our happy place while we overcome all odds and make history. If we fail, then, and only then, you can delete it, and cast into the darkest corners of PSD threads gone wrong.

All the best,
BDawk ( the B stands for Believe! )