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Haslem is way down in production, and is still averaging 4.2 PPG, 5.1 REB, on 51% FG in only 17 minutes. If Joel Anthony was giving us that same production people would be lobbying for most improved player award.

I also easily find your comment laughable at the least, and idiotic at the worst seeing as Joel Anthony can't buy rotation minutes because he sucks so bad on offense, keeping in mind he makes the same money as Haslem.

As I've said, every single player is tradeable for the right package.... Wade and Haslem included, but they are severely undervalued by the average fan. You also ask the average bandwagon loser, and they actually think in their deluded minds that Wade and Haslem hurt the team when they are on the floor. Those posters are obviously are much smarter and intuitive than Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley.
You know man I don't have a problem with u disagreeing with me on what I said, but for u to say idiotic is uncalled for there is no need for insults. U sit up on here and act like u know it all and u don't know S__T more than anyone else so stop trying to act like u know everything. If u don't agree cool but don't call somebodies opinion idiotic just bcuz u don't agree A__hole.