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    New Jays Jersey Numbers

    Mark Buehrle: Wore 56 his entire career; 56 is available on the Jays.

    Jose Reyes: Wore 7 his entire career; 7 is available on the Jays.

    Josh Johnson: Wore 55 his entire career; 55 is available on the Jays.

    Melky Cabrera: Wore 53 since 2009 with the Yankees, Braves, Royals and Giants. 53 is available on the Jays.

    John Buck: Wore 14 since 2006 in KC, Toronto and Miami; 14 is available on the Jays.

    Maicer Izturis: Wore 6 in Angels from 2005-2009 then changed to 13 from 2010-2012. 13 is taken by Lawrie but 6 is available on the Jays.

    Emilio Bonifacio: Wore 1 since 2009 in Florida/Miami; 1 is available on the Jays. Also wore 4,6, and 7 when in Washington.

    Bobby Wilson: Wore 46 from 2008-2012 but Evan held that number last season. Crawford is not a staple in the Jays pen yet so i assume Wilson my get 46 back.

    Esmil Rogers: Wore 48 from 2010-2012 in Colorado but wore 32 last season for the Indians. Happ currently wears 48 but 32 is available on the Jays.

    Jeremy Jeffress: Wore 41 with the Brewers and Royals. Sierra wore 41 last season; both guys are not expected to be on the 25 man roster so the number maybe up for grabs if whoever gets called up first.


    Really amazing that it is not even December and the Jays have 10 new players already. And it is expected that they will be likely getting more as AA plans to add more players.

    I will update the thread as new players are acquired.
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    T.O., Canada

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    Weird coincidences. Good observation though.

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    Photoshopped my sig for those who can't wait.

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    Want a Bobby Wilson jersey. Sears failed!

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