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    Game 12 (11-21-12): Sixers (7-4) @ Cavaliers (2-8)

    He did it last year too.... Its pretty bad

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    Collins could write a book on how to lose a game in crunch time. He showed some signs of half of a clue in the post season last year only to revert to old habits. That fact that some of his gimmicks finally worked for once in crunch time against Toronto just meant we were doomed to watch him try it again 5 more times.
    Quote Originally Posted by RickyPrior View Post
    When you go out of the way just to one takes you seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickyPrior View Post
    Oh, pipe down losers. It was Thanksgiving and I was entertaining 21 people.

    I'm reading what people write here and this is what I find funny: It is admitted that Evan sucked eggs for three quarters. He went on a 'run' for 5 minutes in the fourth. And then...just like any good exaggeration, somehow his game is elevated to "he was the best BY FAR!" Because of a 6-point quarter.

    Yet JRich (who had basically the same exact game) is given comparatively no credit.


    We lost to a sucko team, and everyone - Evan included - was laughable.

    If you the 4th quarter - the one Evan "took over" (hahaha)...he committed a charge, THEN a turnover...then - finally - put up SIX sensational(!) points on the board.

    THAT was his run.

    Suddenly it's "Hooray! Evan was great the WHOLE game!!"

    Let's review JRich's best quarter (the one in which he had TWO runs.) He scored ELEVEN points to Evan's ZERO. 11-0.

    In Evan's best quarter it was 6-3.

    Yet ET was "best by far!" and JRich sucked.

    Me thinks you guys are doing what you claim I am doing.

    You are so desperate for Evan to become a legitimate NBA star, that you are projecting great feats upon him...when he plays no better than anyone else on the team.

    Now...back to your nonsense.
    Again, for the thousandth time, nobody is saying he was great. Nobody's projecting anything on him. I said he was by far the best in a game of bad performances. So?

    And, again, the run we're talking about was in the SECOND quarter. Nobody's talking about the 4th. We're talking about the good stretch in the second.

    And (and it's a surprise to have to tell you this) the game isn't all points. Nobody's saying ET was good because of his scoring. I really don't know what your point comparisons have to do with anything that anyone is saying.
    You can't dismiss that he had a better all around game than JRich by comparing who 'won' each quarter in terms of point scoring, it's just ridiculous - and if anyone else tried to argue on that basis you'd laugh your head off and you know it.

    "There's more to the game than points, you silly gooses! Except for when ET does other things well but doesn't score that much, then the game is all about points and so ET sucks." - RickyPrior

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