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    Quote Originally Posted by Shred003 View Post
    On which part?

    'Cuz I remember when DHB was taken, and this board looked like someone had carpet bombed it.

    Full on meltdown mode, lmao...
    Sorry. I meant the part about applauding the youngsters for sticking to it and becoming part of the Raider Nation. For those of us who witnessed our Superbowl victories and many winning seasons, I feel it is easier to be a die hard. Those young guys only 10-15 years or less in the Nation, they have really had it tough. Remember when the Saints and Bucs stunk? Hard times for those fans. As for the DHB thing, I was shocked, but I support him. Melt down indeed! LOL

    "...prone to stoogery.".

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    It will take 2-3 years or longer but RM can get us there...

    Quote Originally Posted by fishedz View Post
    To answer the OP...yes

    Here's the difference. The niners were run like a real team and drafted like one, even though they struggled to find a coach and identity on the field and in management. They invested in OL and defense. They made smart personnel moves and brought in the right coach.

    Reggie and DA are dealing with a much different situation. One that invokes a decade of terrible personnel decisions and contracts. Putting players before coaches, salaries before discipline, and ego before winning. The product shows the reflection on the field and of the field. Rewarding people based on personal beliefs, not on production.

    Yes, Reggie will get us there by 2015. You can give me plenty of examples of a team that turned it around in one year, but none of them were run into the ground for a decade. 20 million over the cap and your first pick is a compensatory pick in the third....and people want to blame RM and DA!?!?!?

    I can't wait to get rid of all the scrubs, scholarships, quitters, morons, broke backs, and non believers. I'm not saying we will win a Super Bowl, that takes alot of luck. But we will be respectable again and I'm willing to wait after going through a decade of pure stupidity, and two others of broken promises and egotistical decisions.

    I totally agree with you fish. 10 years of running our team like it was still the 70's really set us back a lot! Now RM is trying to bring us to the modern times but this cannot happen overnight and just because he has a good plan it does not mean he is immune from making bad decission here and there. After all there is no sure recipe for success. I think DA was a good choice for coach but he made bad decisions picking his O & D coordinator's. He needs to find better one's this off season. That and off course the obvious which is better players specially on D.

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    I agree as well Allen was a good hire he picked bad cordinators. We would be better now with better cordinators. I hope he changes both, we draft well and add some solid free agents.

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    I do not think Tarver was a bad pick. I've seen some bright spots form him honestly, adjustments and whatnot. Watching this last game, it's hard for me to blame the score getting run up when DB's let people run right by them, safeties with terrible instincts whiff tackles, and McClain watches the RB run right by him for huge gains. We really have little talent on defense, a lot less then I thought. I feel sorry for him honestly.

    Knapp...I hope he goes away and never comes back. I do not like his play calling at all, but I do not blame DMC on him. DMC blows, and Knapp gave him every chance, altered the playbook, gave him tons of carries, and he went down like he normally does with a terrible season. The injuries to the WR's and OL definitely affected our performance as well. I do not think Knapp is a bad OC, I just do not think he is a good yeah I want him gone.

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    I hope not. We support the Oakland Raiders not the Niners. Lets just mold this team to be an exact duplicate of our Bay Area rival? No how blur Mckenzie does what he wants with the franchise to bring them back to a winning franchise. Nothing against the niners there a hell of a team but let's be original. It's not "now were playing niner football" it's "now were playing raider football" how bout we get back to that

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    RM cannot make us a team like the 49ers. They have different color uniforms. I do think he can make this into a true Raider team. Let him handle the picks and the trades and give him a couple of years. I realize there are a lot of experts posting here but I look at it like this. If Madden likes him then I'm ok with it. Is there anyone here who knows more about football than John Madden. I do not. If you do, say it in front of the Raider Nation or STFU.

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    We can eat cheese and whine.

    "Just Win Baby!"

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    He is on his way of making us great. He kept a RB who is hurt every year who averages 3yards a carry. He got rid of 2 decent starting CBs and got rid of 2 young CBs who could have been decent for 3 guys who were backups on other teams. Kept McClain who has sucked for 2 straight years. Kept Kelly and Seymour. Let Bush go. Brought in Goodson.

    So far he took us from an 8-8 team to a team that wont win 5 games this year.
    So far RM gets a BIG F for his first year. What a joke.

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