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    Quote Originally Posted by Shred003 View Post
    You were unquestionably the most pessimistic poster during that two year 'golden era' we're apparently never going to see again.

    You consistently harped on the 'stupidity' of the team, the 'stupidity' of the coaches and the 'stupidity' of Al.

    Now, suddenly, only the 2012 Raiders are stupid, and the teams that came before them were some sort of juggernaut machine that consistently won...?

    You're joking, right?

    I mean, if you really want me to, I'll go find some of your posting 'gems' in the game threads of the 2010 and 2011 seasons. You can compare your complaints in those years against your complaints from this season - perhaps that will remind you of how 'competitive' the Raiders were, IN YOUR OPINION, over the previous two seasons.

    Reggie McKenzie is the closest thing the Raiders have had to sensible leadership since Gruden fled in 2001. Now's not the time to look back at the disastrous recent past wistfully.

    First of all, I'm not giving up on this team playing better football in 2012; secondly, there won't be a need for excuses in 2013 because the team will be competitive.

    Screw this "eyes closed" nonsense - Reggie was handed a mediocre roster that was vastly over the cap, no draft picks and he made the only logical decision - gut the roster, take the cap hits and start cleaning up the ledger sheet.

    What the hell did you want him to do?
    I wouldn`t call it pessimistic, this is the reality in which we survive. The team was more competitive at 8 - 8, this wasn`t because they were brilliant. They were miles away from smartness and 11 - 5.

    His suggestion of a deep hole gives the illusion consecutive 4 - 12 runs, that wasn`t the case was it? The 2012 team is far worse in every phase. The last 2 seasons we were bracing for the collapse and 1/2 the time it arrived as expected.

    Suddenly the 2012 Oakland Raiders are not smart you suggest in my eyes? This team was doomed from go, the last 3 weeks are the most points ever surrendered by a Raider defense, the 3rd or 4th most in the history of time in the NFL. There`s nothing to be proud of this effort, multiple times you`ve suggested that an improvement is upon in 2012, its going the other direction rapidly.

    You also suggest RM as a solid leader, why because he was a good scout for the Packers? Rod Woodson was a great football player, he didn`t do so well with the uniform off. If you want to praise a GM with no track record prematurely then have at it, I believe Oakland will be heading in the wrong direction ( sorry ).

    I wanted him to hand us some experience, coaches the seasoned players don`t have to baby sit would have been a better start.
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