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Do random people walk up to you and punch you in the face?
Are you and MVPosey going to troll the dodgers forum sometime soon? Because had the dodgers won the world series i don't think you two would have been as active.
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Exactly!! that's what you are, a bandwagon fan who wouldnt even be here if it weren't for the giants success, so I can only imagine what sort of people (like you) would show if LA ever manages to win anything significant..

Edit: that's a bad ciabata
I was here talking with you guys last year and the year before, i am definitely more active now than i have been in the past, but i was here in 2011 and 2010.

I didn't call anyone here a bandwagon fan, reread my post, the last part said
or keeps regulars active like a title?
I am calling many of you regulars.
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We had more last year than the year after winning the World series.
Is PSD just growing?