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    only played 3 games at home......lowest in the league. Nuggs always get a hard schedule.

    Brutal schedule coming after this short home games.
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    No double double for faried


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    Sorry men, couldn't get in here for this one. Sounded like a typical Nuggs start with typical frustrations throughout the game...but hell..we won. I'll gladly take it.

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    Nov 2004
    Looked like Gallo somewhat kept his aggressive self...tacked on 19 pts on 6-11 shooting. Not bad. went to the line 6 times..could be better but I'll take it.

    A very rare sight to see Faried have a significant increase in defensive rebounds than offensive rebounds in this one (11 D, 3 offensive..normally he picks up more offensive). He made his presence felt though..even with the 4 points and foul out.

    This is about the only game where Karl had a good reason to have McGee with limited minutes..foul trouble. Understood.

    Ty had 8 trips to the line. I call that improvement. 18 pts...I'll take it. Keep it up.

    And on my last note..J-HAMMMMMM!!!!!!! 19 minutes...Brewer 17 minutes. YEAAAAAAAAAA. FINALLY. Here's the thing with J-ham...not only are you going to see him score (3-ball) but you will see him REBOUND. Something Brewer never does....this has always been known about J-ham...he is a solid rebounder.

    Is Karl finally figuring it out?? not only are you going to get a better shooter than Brewer but you're also going to get a better rebounder.

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    I thought JaVale McGee's play in this game was uninspired and lackadaisical thus the reason for the foul trouble. Don't understand why a 7 foot player with a freakish wingspan and ungodly talent needs to settle for taking jump shots on the perimeter.

    The one thing I feared with the trade for Andre Iguadala was the learning curve time it was going to take for the starters to gel. Danillo and Ty seem to be affected the most by this you can literally see the wheels spinning when either one starts to create. It is like they are making sure they consider Iggy before they look for their shot thus the reason why almost every game the Nuggets play they are almost always digging out from the hole they create for themselves.

    GK said one interesting thing that should encourage all of his detractors. He said that he is waiting for Jordan Hamilton's play while he is in the game to be on the same level that it is in practice.
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