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    Brawls at camachos funeral.

    Lmao at his girlfriends fighting at is funeral.

    Guess he wouldn't have it any other way..
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    Canelo with the nice 7 punch combination

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    ^^That brawl thing was ridiculous between his "GF's."

    RIP Macho. I saw him fight in the 80's, he was known for his ridiculous costumes and his off the wall pre and post fights comments. In a way, he was FLoyd Jr of the 80's as far as marketing fights for himself.

    But this guy in his prime was a lot more substance than show. He was an incredible boxer and had handspeed I haven't seen in a fighter since Pernell Whitaker and probably FLoyd when he was a Junior Lightweight. He was a fantastic boxer who didn't have immense power but was a true tactician in every sense of the word. Just hope he's remembered for his boxing skill and not his out of the ring antics.

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