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Like the soccer morons, some just don't get it. They don't care about hockey.
As a Florida resident, I know how the residents of Miami are. They show up when things are going well, but moan when attendance is low when a product stinks. The Miami Marlins are excellent examples for that. I was once a Florida/Miami Marlins fan, they screwed the entire county with their deal proposal. Attendence was excpected to jump with the new FAs. They faltered and sold everyone for next to nothing. Their starting lineup had Gorkys Hernandez and Justin Ruggiano, two no name guys. Miami doesn't have true fans. I want the Panthers to remain in Florida, but people are just going to end up forcing the relocation of the Panthers. There is a reason why basketball and football thrived here. Football (with the Dolphins runs and tremendous success until the end of the Marino era, I hate the Dolphins, screw em) and basketball(with Miami making it to the playoffs a lot and having success in the last 25 years) were/are popular since the products were good.