I like all the moves the Jays have made so far. The only major piece I think they need to address that was an issue last year is leadership in the club house. I still wonder if people are comfortable with who will be the leadership group going forward. Mark Buerle I can see being a good benefit with the pitchers, but I am more concerned with the position players. Jose is a hell of player, same with Edwin but I don't see either as being a great leader. I could see a potential of a rift between new versus the more longer term players. Also a difference between dominican and non dominican players. The one player I would love to see the Jays go after yet would be Jim Thome. I think he good be a great voice in the room with all of his experience to keep the room together if they struggle at all throughout the year. With the current line up is there enough leadership to take this team to the playoffs? If so who will be the key to this? Who is the Paul Molitor, Dave Winfield or Joe Carter?