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again though, harrison brings a good deal of it on himslef with the way he acts off the field and his general attitude about it. no one heard a word from reed about it while it wa sbeign appealed, wher eharrison has come out saying expect more fines because thats how he plays and what not
He's asked how he feels about the lack of consistency around the league and he's honest about it. You didn't hear a word from Harrison until the Super Bowl, really. After he had been fined for 125k and all his appeals rejected while everyone else's appeals reduced their penalties. Meriweather, Robinson, Ngata and McClain, all cut in half of taken $10k off or ridiculous amounts while Harrison got nothing.

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first off all, most of harrison punishments ahve been warranted.

second, can you really complain about an unfair bias when a steeler got away with this earleir this year?

thats worse than what reed did and he was not suspeneded, he wasn't even flagged for it
First off, Harrison's punishments have been no more warranted than anyone else's. The point is that other players have hit just as hard as Harrison without the same punishment, no one tries to say Harrison doesn't hit hard.

Second off, he wasn't suspended because that was his first penalty. He was fined for it, but you get suspended for repeat offenses unless you're Ed Reed.