Mís Trade Trayvon Robinson for Robert Andino
Dave ∑ November 20, 2012 ∑ Filed Under Mariners

Well, that didnít take long. A few hours after I said to expect a trade of Trayvon Robinson or Mike Carp, the Mariners shipped Robinson to Baltimore for infielder Robert Andino. Acquiring Andino doensít help them with their roster decisions today, but he can fill the utility infielder/backup SS spot on the roster, and could actually be okay in that role.

He was pretty lousy for the Orioles last year, but overall, his career numbers suggest that heís a decent enough reserve infielder. Heís a career .235/.296/.323 hitter, which isnít great, but he can actually play shortstop, and believe it or not, there arenít that many big league shortstops who can post a .300 OBP anymore. For instance, last year, the Mariners gave this roster spot to Munenori Kawasaki, and you probably donít need a reminder as to how dreadful he was.

Overall, his total package has been worth +1 WAR in 1,400 career plate appearances, so heís marginally better than the kind of guy youíd expect to grab on waivers. Heís arbitration eligible for a second time, but given his lousy 2012 season, he wonít get much of a raise, and will probably make $1.5 to $2.0 million in salary next year. Heís not any kind of long term solution or a huge upgrade, but heíll make the team a little bit better on days when Brendan Ryan canít go than they were last year.

Robinson going away isnít any kind of loss. He simply doesnít have the kind of skillset that works in the big leagues. Low contact/low power is a bad recipe for offensive success, and Robinsonís putrid throwing arm limited to left field, so he wasnít even capable of defending multiple positions or playing an up-the-middle spot. Heís a fifth outfielder at best, and the Mariners shouldnít have had any interest in trying to squeeze him onto the roster this spring. Since he was out of options, they were eventually just going to pass him through waivers, so this way, they turn him into something that might be marginally useful instead.

Itís basically a lateral move, but itís a lateral move that gives them a Major League backup SS, which they didnít have previously. Call it the smallest of small victories.