Liked your post and analysis. I've been lurking here for years but am now so out-of-my-mind frustrated with my team I have to rant.

Biggest issue I have is attitude and tone. Coaches and veteran leaders are at fault there. Coaches seem to be happy with mediocrity. I feel like post-game in the lockerroom Fraser probably said "Don't worry boys, we'll get 'em next time". There is no urgency or fight in this team. No one likes to call out AP but I'm going to. He tells the Press this game is the entry to the playoffs then misses the bus to the field. That's not a leader. He should have been banging on doors at 6 A.M and been the first one on the bus ready to lead and ready to win. J. Allen also -- no sacks, no fire.

Great QBs are either born or made. CP7 wasn't born a QB but sure has all the right stuff to be made into one. If we dump him to another team with coaches that know what they're doing, we will probably all sit back and watch them turn him into a world class player. What really got me down Sunday was the number of Ponder passes, many critical, that were right on the money and not caught. Then I watched other games and other teams where receivers were flying in mid air catching garbage passes and making it happen. Give him a reliable O-line and more than one receiver. He can't dodge the defeders, throw the ball, and catch the ball.

Thanks for listening. I feel a little better.