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    Ricky Hatton - Cocaine abuse, alcohol, panic attacks, lawsuits

    He'll fight Vyacheslav Senchenko on Saturday in his hometown of Manchester, England, in a welterweight fight that will be broadcast on Showtime. More than 24,000 tickets were sold in 48 hours, long before an opponent had even been named.
    He abused cocaine. He was in a constant drunken stupor. His weight ballooned to 210 pounds. He had panic attacks at all hours of the day or night.

    He wished he were dead.

    "There was a time when it seemed like that might be the only option, when it would be best for me to just [commit suicide] and end it all," Hatton said.
    He would cry hysterically, for no reason. He found himself in court in a lawsuit with his former coach and one-time best friend, Billy Graham. He had a nasty split with his parents.

    He says he often thought of drinking himself to death. Several times, he said, his girlfriend, Jennifer, caught him with a knife attempting to slash his wrists.

    "I think I was having a nervous breakdown," he said.
    def worth reading the whole article. Hatton is a Gatti, Valero, Tyson, type of fighter, without boxing they cant handle the normal world. I hope the best for him, I dont think his comeback will be successful though.

    Canelo with the nice 7 punch combination

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    damn that was a good read...hopefully he comes back it'd be a great Hollywood movie lol
    Eastern Illinois Class of 2012'

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