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You're STILL on that crap?? I guess 7-3 and legit superbowl contenders after a year he completely turned around the Broncos franchise is not enough for you "smh." I like how you completely ignore his first draft as well.

That's the thing. It's not more so me "accepting anything he does" it's YOU *****ing for every LITTLE thing that doesn't do or doesn't pan out while COMPLETELY ignoring the other significant moves that he's made. You go out of your way to make a case out of nothing. That's the problem here.

If I'm on my knees bowing to Elway. You must be choking on Tebow cause I'm certain that's where all this started. It's only logical. Only a Tebow fanboy can complain THAT much on Elway when he has done this much good in so little time.

And with that note, enjoy your Thanksgiving.

choking on tebow haha is see what you did there....well played sir, and i agree with this 100%