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I can say the same thing on just about every game Alex has played the last couple of years.

Trust me, I don't forget about the bad games. And I don't just focus per say on the last 2 games for Kaep. But, I can say that the Saint's game wasn't all that from Kaep either, so honestly he's had 1 real good game against the Bears, 3 So-So games - but with one being in the Superdome, at least that one has a lot more reasons and not as many excuses.

BUT... we're 3-1-1 with Kaep right now (you gotta put his finger prints on that tie game too). So I'm not PO'd about that, but I think it could be better... and honestly I'm VERY worried about the next 2 games.
I don't think you put the tie on Kap. The 49ers were down 7 when he took over.