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Who's been laughing in your face about the change?

Your pos was stupid because you're acting like this is a personal vendetta. You get really childish when you're upset and it's more and more evident. I find it funny. I'm just a Niners fan as you are and you're going to slam other Niners fan because theyre on the other side of the fence on a controversial (keyword controversial) decision? Makes no sense to me, just sounds like someone who needs to grow up.
Your opinion is your opinion. I'm not slamming anyone, I voice my opinion and if it applies to someone they will respond, like you did lol. If it doesn't they will keep scrolling. I just find it a little crazy the way it happened, and with all the stats comparing Kaep's success over 2 games to what Alex has done since last year. That's being biased in my opinion and I made it known. If you can't handle the way I express myself then that's your problem. Grow a second pair because the ones you have now isn't working.