I truly feel the start of a new era was ushered in this Monday night. I respect both quarterbacks, and both are good in their own ways...but Kaep has a skill set that incorporates so much athleticism, he's showing he can read defenses, he has poise in the pocket, and his arm is amazingly strong (combine that with some of the beautifully accurate throws he made, and it can be a deadly combination).

I think from some of my posts in the past people could sense I felt CK was the future, but I was happy to have Smith while he was being groomed. Now it seems like the future is upon us. I believe in the end Kaep will be the overall better quarterback, and has the ability to be elite (Something Alex will never be, unfortunately. Above average or good, yes. However, never elite. We all see the potential is there with CK).

Now, all that being said, I feel Alex will probably get the start next week (and probably should), but he will have a VERY, VERY short leash. If he doesn't perform, I can see the reigns being handed over to CK for good the week after next. In conclusion, this is a great problem to have. So happy to have stuck it out through all the good and bad with our Niners since the mid 80's. The glory days are here again!