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You probably think Alex Smith is better than Romo, Eli, Dalton, Cutler, etc don't you? Because he has better stats

Sorry you can't see the difference between attacking a defense focused on stopping the best running game in the league vs. having one of the worst running games in the league playing behind you. Prior to Hardballs coming in, we saw what Alex Smith is when his run game isn't dominant and he actually has to make difficult passes when opposing defenses aren't completely selling out to stop the run.

The Bears game just showed everyone what they already knew. Smith is a great QB to put in there if you want to only play mistake free football and nothing else but if you want to actually make plays in the passing game, Kaepernick is the better option.
Nope, but he's sure as hell better than Trent Dilfer and Rex Grossman that you compared him with. And I'd say its arguable he's better than Dalton.