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    I want the Wilpons to sell as much as the next Mets fan. But what uncertainty is there? They have not come out and said they will keep an extra $20M ready for "X" player, like Jeff used to do every year. They have pretty much come out and said, $100M-ish is our budget. We will not be spenders this off season. This is being as certain as I think the word "certain" can be defined.

    Enough already...the Wilpons are here. We will not get them to sell. As a fan base we do not have the fortitude to boycott anything. We still watch them on TV. We still buy merchandise. To get them to sell, you literally have to cease being a fan, and no one in here...or anywhere...have the balls to do that. We have too much of an opinion on the matter.

    What do we think, that the Mets (even if they wanted to) would turn around and raise the payroll back to $150M that they would be any different? Here is that instant gratification turning it's ugly head again. I don't like the Wilpons, but when the team decided to go young and rebuild at the halfway mark in was the moment I was waiting for. Problem was, is the same problem I have been fearing this entire time. The NY Market can't handle a rebuild. Winning is addictive, and watching the Yankees do it over and over again in the same town, breeds jealousy.

    This team doesn't even have a stable core yet. It does seem that the have (or will have) a strong young rotation. Which is a great start. But now they need to find the core. Resigning Wright, or deciding to trade him, will be a start. Depending who comes back in the deal will decide if we get pieces that can be relied on now, or have to start the core process all over again.

    Now is not the time to spend FA money, as they would just fall into the same mistakes again. This argument is not about how we feel about the Wilpons, nor does it matter where the payroll is or how it got there. We all want to see a better product on the field. No one wants to see the Mets out of the Playoffs. Deciding to throw around another $60M will NOT make this team a playoff contender next season. There will always be a line between the fans who want to see young talent go through the system and be productive on the field, and those who want to see the FA talent be bought and brought in. We are in year 2 of the rebuild. We have a strong rotation on paper. We need to finalize a new young core. When that is done, I have no problem in going after the high priced FA talent to fill the remainder of the holes. We are not there yet. We will be, but reverting to what this team used to spend on, is not the answer now.
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