Alright well we are expected to sign either Garrard, Jerrod Johnson, Palko, or McNabb.

Personally I believe that the best course of action for this team is to sign McNabb as a temporary backup for the rest of the season. I feel like hes the most ready right now to come in and possibly contribute in a bind for a playoff contending team. Although Garrard may be capable of being the teams backup for the next 2 years after this so im not sure here.

Also feel like in the offseason we will need an overhaul. I love Byron, he can ball and has one hell of an arm when healthy but hes unfortunately just made of glass.

Batch is just too old.

I really hope that one day the Jets will release Tebow from their cancer filled, hateful enviroment and we pick him up as our backup. He clearly wont start here so theirs none of that pressure. He is the definition of an awesome backup quarterback. His unique skill set and ability to win would be ideal for a pinch start here or their. Its also hypocritical to say he cant throw the ball being he just eliminated us from the playoffs last year via the pass.I say this because i believe he will be available with the Jets being ready to completely overhaul.

Then either sign a Garrard to a 1 year league min, or pick up Johnson as the 3.

So current state of team: (hopeful)

Backup QB next year(realistic dream)
1. Ben
2. Tebow
3. Johnson