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    Quote Originally Posted by houstonfan View Post
    I would for sure take that deal. Anything to get a better backup pg than Toney ****ing Douglass
    I have to admit, Douglass did look bad against the Lakers aha. Duhon is okay, he has his issues though ... I think Ebanks would work out great for the rockets defensively and with his athleticism, its just that he can be inconsistent at times. Darius Johnson Odom could develope to be a good nba player. He has speed, strength, and defense, but he just hasn't shown enough to show he should get solid minutes yet, but he's a rookie. Lakers neeed shooters! I think Daequan would fit nice under a D'Antoni system, plus Houston is playing him!

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    Man, that was embarrassing. They've got a long way to go.

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    Panic time! Who is the leader of this team? Somebody needs to call a players meeting and figure out this ****. Somebody needs to call Lin out and ask him wtf is his problem? Where is Linsanity? Asik is doing his thing and Harden is our go to....heck even Parsons and Patterson are contributing. Lin is the key and he is not bringing it. We are not a contender this season, but damn, can Lin give us 18pts 10 ast 3 steals? Game like this with Harden sick, Lin should have taken over.
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    Lin is still talking NY. We need to find a way to send him back there.

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    I miss you.
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    The press has been rather mum about McHale lately... I mean you usually get a phone interview or something by now - just a quick work or something as a "what's up" for the press.

    The coaching situation/circus seems to be a bit out of control here. Couple that with the managements way of keeping a tight-lip until the trigger has been pulled on a decision and you have a very uncertain future as to direction of the team.

    So far, there isn't a real "leader" going on in the roster - sure Harden's supposed to be the "man" and I chuckled at the thought of a 2nd year as the team "voice" in Parsons.

    Obviously the sig pic is a fleeting pipe dream, but honestly... having your first mate at the helm isn't proving very effective.

    Who could work with this roster with any measured effectiveness? McMillan? SVG? How far will our conference stats plummet before something has to give and something drastic gets done?

    Rockets Free Agent Press Conference : Summer 2016

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