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Who thinks Reggie and DA needs to fire.Gregg Knapp and promote Al Saunders to OC. Seems like a win all around no need to look for someone else to hire. He is already there.
good one you know ive been said this... now take that to the zbs junkies that will never go away ..."give it a chance "..."its coming back next year" ....FOOEY!
let saunders take over.... at least we wont have anymore injuries.... he puts people in position of their strengths, to succeed on plays ,not get carted away on stretchers, and get rid of barnes, and smith now, get a new guy, and use berg, trade mcclain for a cornerback, or a running back, a couple tweeks here, and there, we could do better, but this knapp and his predictable play calls, and stupid play calls, is the core of our losses. top teams with the worst defenses make it to the superbowl, because they keep them off the field. **** knapp! i say fire allen too ,let saunders be HC, and OC, it would be awesome, because tarver would be free, to be himself....im embarrassed to be a raider right now