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    PSD's UFC Survival Season V

    Congrats to Jetsguy for winning Season 4.

    To see our past champions and their picks, click on the links below:

    PSD's Survival UFC Season 1 winner: Willislovechild

    PSD's Survival UFC: Season 2 winner: zn23

    PSD'S Survical UFC: Season 3 winner: Bushleague

    PSD's Survival UFC: Season 4 winner: Jetsguy

    I'm keeping the same format as last season (season 4).

    If you're new to the league, please read the rules.

    SEASON 5


    1. You can only pick a fighter one time. Ex: If you had Jones beating Rampage at UFC 135, you couldn’t have picked him to win over Machida at UFC 140.
    2. The deadline to make your selection will be right before the first fight of a card.
    3. If you forget to make your pick…You’re dead
    4. The Fifth season will start with UFC on FOX 5: Henderson vs Diaz. If you don’t sign up by then, you will have to wait until we start a new season.
    5. You're only allowed one change after you make your pick. If for some reason you made your change and the fight has either been canceled or the opponent has been changed, you will be given another chance to make a new selection.
    6. Once we're down to the final 2, the 2 remaining players will have to select a winner for every fight in the upcoming card. The winner of the season will be the player who picks the most correct fights. This will continue on every card until we have a winner.

    I will update this post with all the selections, so if you want to join, post on this thread and make your pick. You have until December 8th (before the first fight begins) to make your selections and be part of the Fifth season.

    Players Alive (Fighters already selected)

    • knockturnal (S. Jorgensen, R. Whitaker, R. Nelson, T. Duffee, K. Nurmagomedov)

    Players Dead

    • hammerinhank: Mike Easton (UFC on Fox 5) Easton lost via Unanimous Decision
    • tnewkirk: Mike Easton (UFC on Fox 5) Easton lost via Unanimous Decision
    • Tai_chi_bbc: Mike Swick (UFC on Fox 5) Swick lost via KO
    • natelpete: BJ Penn (UFC on Fox) Penn lost via Unanimous Decision
    • JNoel: Mauricio Rua (UFC on Fox 5) Rua lost via Unanimous Decision
    • Bushleague: Mike Swick (UFC on Fox 5) Swick lost via KO
    • AjBurnett: Didn't submit pick (UFC on FX 6)
    • Metal Militia: Didn't submit pick (UFC on FX 6)
    • Rylinkus: Didn't submit pick (UFC on FX 6)
    • Lucky,: Shane Del Rosario (TUF 16 Finale) Rosario lost via KO
    • BranWingss: Chris Leben (UFC 155) Leben lost via Unanimous Decision
    • sportscrazy34: Melvin Guillard (UFC 155) Guillard lost via Split Decision
    • saintsfan: Melvin Guillard (UFC 155) Guillard lost via Split Decision
    • Jetsguy: Tim Boetsch (UFC 155) Boetsch lost via TKO
    • Saddler The Gr8: Melvin Guillard (UFC 155) Guillard lost via Split Decision
    • yanks19791024: Daniel Serafian (UFC on FX 7) Serafian lost via Split Decision
    • zn23: Michael Bisping: (UFC on FX 7) Bisping lost via TKO
    • Faneik: Lost in the finals 9-6


    UFC on FOX 5

    yanks19791024: Scott Jorgensen
    Knockturnal: Scott Jorgensen

    hamerinhank: Mike Easton
    AjBurnett: Scott Jorgensen
    BranWingss: Ramsey Nijem
    Faneik: Rory MacDonald
    sportscrazy34: Dennis Siver
    saintsfan: Rory MacDonald

    tnewkirk: Mike Easton
    Tai_chi_bbc: Mike Swick

    Jetsguy: Daron Cruickshank
    natelpete: BJ Penn
    Metal Militia: Dennis Siver
    Saddler The Gr8: Dennis Siver

    JNoel: Mauricio Rua
    Bushleague: Mike Swick

    zn23: Alexander Gustafsson
    Rylinkus: Rory MacDonald
    Lucky,: Alexander Gustafsson

    UFC on FX 6

    yanks19791024: Chad Mendes
    knockturnal: Robert Whitaker

    BranWingss: Hector Lombard
    Faneik: Chad Mendes
    sportscrazy34: Chad Mendes
    saintsfan: Chad Mendes
    Jetsguy: Chad Mendes

    Metal Militia:
    Saddler The Gr8: Chad Mendes
    zn23: Hector Lombard

    Lucky,: Hector Lombard

    The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale

    yanks19791024: Dustin Poirier
    knockturnal: Roy Nelson

    BranWingss: Dustin Poirier
    Faneik: Roy Nelson

    *sportscrazy34: Melvin Guillard*
    saintsfan: Roy Nelson
    Jetsguy: Dustin Poirier

    *Saddler The Gr8: Melvin Guillard*
    zn23: Roy Nelson
    Lucky,: Shane Del Rosario

    *Fight moved to UFC 155

    UFC 155

    yanks19791024: Erik Perez
    knockturnal: Todd Duffee

    BranWingss: Chris Leben
    Faneik: Erik Perez
    sportscrazy34: Melvin Guillard
    saintsfan: Melvin Guillard
    Jetsguy: Tim Boetsch
    Saddler The Gr8: Melvin Guillard

    zn23: Cain Velasquez

    UFC on FX 7

    yanks19791024: Daniel Sarafian
    knockturnal: Khabib Nurmagomedov
    Faneik: Ronny Markes

    zn23: Michael Bisping

    UFC on Fox 6

    Knockturnal: 9 fights correct
    Faneik: 6 fights correct

    Green= Winner
    Blue= Alive
    Red= Dead
    Last edited by Knockturnal; 01-27-2013 at 09:02 PM.

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