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    Zach Lowe Wrote About the Spurs! Read it!

    I'm not good at the whole copy/paste and bold important bits. Good read if you're interested, Zach Lowe is one of the best basketball writers right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sssmush View Post
    no offense but the Spurs are freakin' communists bro. They should get with Stern's capitalist agenda like NOW

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    Awesome read Giraffe. Thanks for posting it.

    First time read on Zach Lowe. Good stuff.

    'Coach, we've got an issue with Kawhi in the arena. Event management called and the lights are not on, and Kawhi's in the arena for two straight days at 6:30 in the morning. And he brought two lamps from home, and he put them up in the arena and shot.'


    (During NBA lockout)

    "No flash, No gimmicks. It's the quiet guys you should fear."

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