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    The resistance to change

    Series of tweets from SBNation's Falcons blogger Dave Choate (@TheFalcoholic) today:
    To me, the fundamental problem with the Falcons is the resistance to change.
    For years, I bought that they were working at their issues in practice, but now I don't really know what to believe. There's no improvement.
    The tackling is still shaky, the protection and blocking is shaky, the ground game is useless. These are all issues going back to Week 1.
    Where's the improvement? I think when you look at the evidence (15 carries per game for Turner, no young DEs in rotation), it's not there.
    This is a coaching staff that believes in its players and believes in what it's doing, which is good. But sometimes you have to make changes.
    Or you risk hitting a ceiling. These Falcons are a mortal lock for the playoffs every season, but then things get dicey.
    I don't know if personnel changes or philosophical alterations would fix this, or if it's a simple lack of execution and human mistakes.
    But I think I'd like to see the Falcons try a couple of new things in the coming weeks.
    I think we all know that marching into the playoffs and playing the kind of game they did against the Cardinals is a losing proposition.
    I do trust the team to make good decisions. They have all along. They're just sometimes slow to adapt.
    Believe me, I'm not ungrateful about the way this season has unfolded. 9-1 is fantastic, and they're one of the best teams out there.
    I recognize that sometimes sticking with the plan works out well. Look at Matt Bosher. It's just not always a viable strategy.
    Here's the bottom line: We're Falcons fans. We're hopeful yet cynical, and we need to be. So much upside here, but underlying issues.
    Now that I've rolled through that, back to the obvious. 9-1. Three game division lead with six to play. Good things ahead.
    A few days ago, I said that one issue with this bunch is they are so conservative that they always fall back into old or reliable habits when things get tough: Back to running a 30 y/o Turner, back to heavily targeting 31 y/o White, back to playing passive vanilla defense. We saw the same old bootleg (and pick) yesterday. Rodgers got a few more touches, but in general, they have played not to lose too often in recent years instead of going for the kill shot, and that's a losing strategy against tougher competition.
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