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    Hands- Larry Fitz
    Route Running- Victor Cruz
    Finding Holes in the Zone- Reggie Wayne
    "In-Traffic" Ability- Brandon Marshall
    Big Play Ability- Calvin Johnson
    Ability After the Catch- Percy Harvin
    Understanding of Xs & Os- Andre Johnson
    Run Blocking- Eric Decker

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    Oct 2011
    How you don't vote for Calvin for both in traffic and big play is beyond me.

    Do we really need to post links to all the times he's caught a ball between three defenders, or a jump ball over one or more defenders?

    And big play... as already stated, he has 27 receptions of 20 yards or more, 2nd most is 21...

    As for ability after the catch -

    "Last year against the Saints Calvin Johnson had 12 receptions for 211 yards and two touchdowns. He was simply dominant after the catch, breaking an incredible five tackles in one game. There were just 35 receivers who managed more than that during the entire regular season"
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    Quote Originally Posted by FortDetroit View Post
    Big play ability, people overlooking Calvin Johnson.....

    27 plays of 20+ yards this year...2nd most has 21.
    It is one of those things where Calvin can possibly be on every category and that is no fun.

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    right behind you
    For run after the catch I actually want to nominate Golden Tate he has 3 TD's this year where he broke 3 OR MORE tackles and all 3 were to give his team the lead.

    Look at 1:32

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