I hope this can be a fun and active exercise. I'm bored and I think this can make for a good discussion. For once, I hope the majority of us can take this seriously - and I know by saying that, that's just setting this up for nonsense and trolling. This is an exercise to create the best Wide Receiver, picking certain skills from the best Wide Receivers to create the "Frankenstein WR" with a perfect skill-set - this idea is inspired by an article written by BlaqOptic on Bleacherreport a few years ago.

The best way to go about this I believe is people nominating traits/skills/abilities and then nominating players to be voted for for those that posses the best of those traits.

  • Hands
  • Route Running
  • Finding Holes in the Zone
  • "In-Traffic" Ability
  • Big Play Ability
  • Ability After the Catch
  • Understanding of Xs & Os
  • Run Blocking

I'm sure we will add more to the skill-set, but for now this gives everybody a general idea of what we're looking for, and we can elaborate on each skill to clarify the needs. This list above I borrowed from Optic's article.

The Process

Start with with a skill or trait, then nominate players to vote for, I think 5 or so is a satisfactory number of players to choose from, once the players are determined we will then vote, and to keep this from dragging on or getting stale we will leave the voting open for about 24 hours. However, a receiver can only be picked twice, I understand that this could leave us with picking an inferior player but this is to prevent the "Frankenstein" WR of having too many traits from the same receiver, it wouldn't be much of a Frankenstein if we allowed that - so vote wisely.

Anyway, that's about it for now, I'm sure more details will appear as this gets started. Hopefully this will be active and we can get this rolling.