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    So who's really performing?

    For the sake of enhancing the Nuggets forum, I figured I would put in a stats thread to see how our players are performing beyond the box-score. This is just a entry level introduction. Feel free to add suggestions of what to tack on or take away. Keep in mind of small sample size and the sites that I used are basketball reference and for a comparison hoopdata


    True Shooting Percentage: A measure of shooting efficiency that takes into account of 2-point field goals, 3-point field goals, and free throws
    1. Evan Fournier-.604
    2. Timofey Mozgov- .601
    3. JaVale McGee-.599
    4. Kosta Koufos- .564
    5. Kenneth Faried-.562
    6. Andre Miller-.562
    7. Corey Brewer-.536
    8. Danilo Gallinari-.515
    9. Andre Iguodala-.506
    10. Jordan Hamilton-.492
    11. Ty Lawson-.489
    12. Wilson Chandler-.366
    13. Anthony Randolph- .333


    Total Rebound Percentage: an estimate of the percentage of available rebounds a player grabbed while he was on the floor
    1. Kenneth Faried-18.8
    2. Timofey Mozgov- 18.5
    3. Wilson Chandler-16.2
    4. JaVale McGee-15.2
    5. Kosta Koufos- 15.1
    6. Jordan Hamilton-13.2
    7. Anthony Randolph- 12.8
    8. Danilo Gallinari-9.9
    9. Andre Iguodala-8.4
    10. Corey Brewer-7.0
    11. Andre Miller-5.9
    12. Ty Lawson-4.2
    13. Evan Fournier-2.9


    Turnover Percentage- an estimate of turnovers per 100 plays
    1. Corey Brewer-8.3
    2. Danilo Gallinari-8.8
    3. Kosta Koufos- 10.2
    4. Jordan Hamilton-10.7
    5. Kenneth Faried-10.9
    6. Wilson Chandler-12.3
    7. JaVale McGee-12.6
    8. Timofey Mozgov- 15.8
    9. Ty Lawson-16.5
    10. Andre Iguodala-18.7
    11. Andre Miller-23.5
    12. Evan Fournier-26.0
    13. Anthony Randolph- 40.0


    Usage Percentage: an estimate of the percentage of team plays used by a player while he was on the floor
    1. Wilson Chandler-25.6
    2. Jordan Hamilton-24.1
    3. JaVale McGee-23.3
    4. Corey Brewer-22.5
    5. Ty Lawson-21.7
    6. Danilo Gallinari-21.5
    7. Evan Fournier-20.6
    8. Andre Iguodala-20.3
    9. Kenneth Faried-18.1
    10. Andre Miller-17.5
    11. Kosta Koufos- 13.5
    12. Anthony Randolph- 12.5
    13. Timofey Mozgov- 11.4


    Player Efficiency Rating: a measure for per minute production standardized such as the league average is 15.
    1. JaVale McGee-23.3
    2. Kenneth Faried-19.4
    3. Corey Brewer-15.7
    4. Jordan Hamilton-15.4
    5. Danilo Gallinari-15.4
    6. Ty Lawson-15.2
    7. Kosta Koufos- 15.1
    8. Andre Miller-15.1
    9. Timofey Mozgov- 14.6
    10. Andre Iguodala-12.4
    11. Evan Fournier-8.7
    12. Anthony Randolph- 4.4
    13. Wilson Chandler-3.7


    Offensive rating: an estimate of points produced by the players per 100 possessions
    1. Timofey Mozgov-124
    2. Kosta Koufos- 117
    3. Kenneth Faried-116
    4. JaVale McGee-114
    5. Danilo Gallinari-111
    6. Andre Miller-109
    7. Corey Brewer-107
    8. Ty Lawson-103
    9. Jordan Hamilton-103
    10. Andre Iguodala-97
    11. Evan Fournier-96
    12. Wilson Chandler-78
    13. Anthony Randolph- 63

    Def. xRAPM

    Defensive xRAPM: a better measurement of a player’s defensive value
    1. Andre Iguodala- +3.38
    2. Kosta Koufos- +2.57
    3. Danilo Gallinari- +1.36
    4. JaVale McGee-+ .82
    5. Anthony Randolph- +.82
    6. Wilson Chandler- -.43
    7. Corey Brewer- -.94
    8. Timofey Mozgov- -1.32
    9. Kenneth Faried- -1.36
    10. Ty Lawson- -1.46
    11. Evan Fournier- -1.46
    12. Jordan Hamilton- -1.47
    13. Andre Miller- -1.58
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    McGee wins, along with Faried. Can't much consider Mozzy or Randolph since neither has played but so few minutes.

    McGee's doing too good. He's much too effective and efficient. George had better bench him some more, especially down the stretch. And whatever you do, George, don't play McGee and Faried together.

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    Kenneth is our best player

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    Ty Lawson make me cry this season.

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    While this is a very small sample size, it's rather obvious that Faried and McGee have been our two most effective players.

    So GK's perception that he can not play them together shows some lack of understanding.

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    What is our best lineup and who should be consistently getting minutes?

    Btw, Ty's average over the last six games: 8.6 ppg, including an 0-fer, 7 apg, and 31% shooting.

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    Only person I see consistently performing every night is Faried. Gallo is coming back into form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rentzias View Post

    What is our best lineup and who should be consistently getting minutes?

    Btw, Ty's average over the last six games: 8.6 ppg, including an 0-fer, 7 apg, and 31% shooting.
    very nice. Great find. According to that, it gives Karl reason to not play Faried/McGee together. 1-6 with Ty,Igua,Gallo, Faried, and McGee lineup ouch. I believe that's some fools gold though..

    I don't think we have seen our best lineup yet. Ill will has to get healthy..

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    Just another thrown in. Defensive RAPM which is supposedly a better indicator of a players defense. 0 is average.

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    Ty needs to step the **** up and earn that big paycheck he earned. The way that he's been struggling makes me wonder if he did enough or anything at all this off-season to prepare.

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    Gallo won player of the night last night. Hopefully his ankle, knee, and shooting are coming around.
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    Been awhile since I've updated it but I finally got the chance to do so. Replaced Drtg with xRAPM

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    Nice stats

    Pretty much in line with what I observe watching the games.
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