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    im still pretty happy with the trade, even though santos didnt preform as expected we still got to see jansen prove that he could be the closer of this team, which i guess he also did like 5 years ago before he got injured but what evs
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_jon View Post
    Considering all the games we lost by having Cordero as the closer, it probably was a blessing in disguise. Our first pick is more than likely unprotected if he had pitched the whole season last year (uninjured)

    But who is this other potential lock-down pitcher? Casey Janssen has been great for us but he is not a closer.
    His 22 saves would disagree with you. Not a monstrous total I know, but that's more a reflection of the team's ineptitude last year than anything he did wrong.

    To me, the closer is the one who gets the saves and doesn't blow em. Whether that's with 100mph stuff or smart pitching and control, getting it done is all that matters. And he did that last year.

    His job until he loses it imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johann View Post
    I guess this is expected, seeing the trade happened around a year ago.

    One year later, it would seem that The ChiSox are winning that deal, which is obvious considering Santos missing the year due to injuries.

    But if you look at the numbers, you can see that Molina has struggled in his transition to the higher levels of the minors. Last season for AA, he went 6-11, with 4.3 ERA, and a much worse k/9 (6.2) than with his stint with the jays (13.5).

    He's already 23. Do you think he's going to be an impact pitcher in the Majors?
    Is Santos going to prove his worth next year?

    They both had arms at time of early to tell

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    Hypothetically speaking, if we still had Nestor, and he put up those numbers in our minor league system this year, and the ChiSox still had Santos, who was out for the majority of the season- I doubt we could trade Molina for Santos. That being said, anything can still happen, but I still like what we have in Santos, and last year was a rebuilding year anyways.

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