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    Mock Deadline 5.0 Rules

    *Just like the real deadline, you are the GM of the team that you have.
    *You will be able to fire, and hire a coach, though stipulations will be up in the hire/fire a coach thread.
    *The salary cap is of course, $70,200,000. You will be able to go above the salary cap, but must be back under for the deadline, which will be announced towards the end.
    *You will have control of all of your players throughout this game. They can be playing in the NHL, AHL, CHL, Europe, and so on. You will also have control of your first four round picks in 2013 and 2014. The entry draft picks will be posted.
    *No trading of salary cap
    *Official site for salary is (we will be using cap number)
    *Your final NHL roster must consist of 12 forwards, 6 defenseman, 2 goaltenders, and 2 spares.
    *Your top prospect list is available on (You are expected to post this in your clubhouse).
    *Waivers will be in effect.
    *We will have no trade limit.
    *We will be using the complete cap hit for the season, in your company clubhouses, in trades, and in free agent signings.

    *Trades will be much different from past years. Instead of posting your trade in the sub-forum, you (and co-gm if you have one), and the opposing team must PM Shaiza and I the following:

    Team Names
    Players Being Traded And Where

    For example:

    To Boston:
    Jarome Iginla, W ($7,300,000)

    To Calgary:
    Chris Kelly, C ($3,000,000)
    2013 1st Round Pick
    Ryan Spooner, $777,000 (7.5B)

    Both teams must send the same deal, to both of us, and accept it. If your player has a NTC, we expect it to be dealt with prior to the deal.

    When you send us the deal, and follow the correct steps, we will post your deal in a thread located in the main NHL Mock Forum. It will be locked. If we feel a trade is completely veto worthy, we will veto it. With complaining in pretty much all of the games, most of the trades will be passed. If Shaiza and I agree that a trade will be veto'd, it will be veto'd.

    In the PM title, we expect team names (Boston-Calgary for example) and both of you to send us the same PM.

    If you're trading picks, make sure to send which draft pick (year/round/team)

    Discussions of the trade are expected in the lounge.


    When we begin, we will freeze the NHL IRL. We will post the standings, which will freeze. The rosters will be the same way. If Iginla is traded after our game starts, too bad. He will still be on whoever's team in this mock.

    Hire/Fire Your Coach
    We will have a thread for this. Only bottom five teams in each division may fire their coach. If their coach IRL has been hired in the season, you may not. For example, if Tampa is 11th in the East, John Cooper may not be fired. In the thread, you follow the instructions that you are given.

    There will be a waiver thread, available in the waivers and trade sub-forum. You will follow the instructions that the thread is given. If you currently have a player that has played more than 20 NHL games this season, and is making over $5,000,000 in cap hit, you may not send him down to the AHL. You may place him on waivers though. If your player has a NMC, you have to ask the player to waive that to be sent down.

    Again, follow the thread that will be given. Unlike past years, we will look into the NTC. We will look at which kind they have, and go from there. If a player has a pick 8 teams that he will be traded to clause, we will be following that, listing 8 teams that the player can and will be traded to. We will use our best judgement, regardless, of who you want.

    Free Agents
    *You may sign available free agents. This includes recent college free agents, players currently not playing (Chris Campoli for example) and players overseas that are available to come back (Radek Dvorak for example). For players returning from Europe, we will use the real life rules. You must place that player on waivers, and any team can claim him. If he goes unclaimed, he is yours.
    *The free agent minimum is $525,000
    *There are no maximum for a free agent (including college players). You bid at your own risk. Don't be stupid.

    Company Clubhouse
    Is expected to be updated at all times, and put up as soon as the game begins. You will list the following:

    Depth Chart
    Top 20 Prospects
    Draft Picks
    Top Call-Ups

    *Win the Stanley Cup. At the end of the mock, we will have a system to figure out who makes the playoffs, wins each round, and who brings home Lord Stanley.
    *Win Best GM. You don't have to win the best future, or win the cup if this, but you can. This award is the biggest and the hardest to get in this game. This is for who makes the best possible moves in this game, weither it be, bring a contender to SC contendership, bring a fringe team to a division title, grab a lower tier team and make them into something, etc.
    *Best Future. This award goes to the GM(s) that builds the best possible roster for the future, which can include many things, like picks, prospects, young NHL players, etc

    *Rookie of the Year. This won't count as a win like above, but we will be doing this award with all of the new GMs that we have. To win this, this game must be your first or second NHL game that you have been apart of.
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