Atlanta sends Josh Smith ($13.2 million, 1 year) and Anthony Morrow ($4 million, 1 year) to Detroit for Andre Drummond ($2.36 million, 4 years), Tayshaun Prince ($6.76 million, 3 years) and Corey Maggette ($10.9 million, 1 year). You could also switch out Greg Monroe ($3.22 million, 2 years).
I'm looking at this trade as a team with overlapping forwards solving their problem with a team that has overlapping centers.
This also serves as a reset for some of Detroit's bad contracts. Of course the big risk is whether Smith is willing to stay in Detroit, which I think would kill this trade. But he would fit in well on a beefy Detroit front court with Austin Daye and either Monroe or Drummond. Morrow would get a starting gig on a team that lacks a quality shooting guard.
Atlanta gets a defensive-minded center in Andre Drummond, who has so far been playing behind Monroe. Drummond allows Al Horford to play power forward, while Prince easily takes over the starting small forward position. Maggette's contract is expiring, so Atlanta gets $10 million in cap space. Meanwhile, it still has Jeff Teague and Lou Williams in the back court.