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    if we're going to make the excuse that this is because of back to back games, then this team is going nowhere and needs to get rid of the old guys because we are going to have a whole bunch of back to back games.

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    They are trying too hard to get rondo his 10 assists..
    7 assists as a team, he's got 6 of em.

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    i hate how inconsistent this team is. this is the most pathetic game they've played all season so far.

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    I guess we surrendered?

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    why the **** isn't rondo back in the game?

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    jeff green sucking surprise

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    One regular season game....


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    someone get rondo #10!

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    He has cheated several times and now lies about it and looks like a scumbag pos
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    Rondo owes Sully a milkshake or something. Totally bailed him out with all those late baskets

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    Definitely a step backwards tonight against the lowly Pistons.

    Can sum up the game by pointing out the Celtics had 12 assists on 32 field goals.... with Rondo getting 10 of them.... and it was stupid having him in late during a blowout just to preserve the streak.

    Only other C's with an assist tonight? Jeff Green and Barbosa with one each.


    Celtics with 17 turnovers..... and 12 freaking assists....... smh
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    Simple answer...this team was tired. 5 games in 7 days will do that to you. Im not concerned...too much.

    Gorman summed up Rondo getting his 10th assist pretty good when he said that Rondo "sheepishly" walked off the court after getting it. Reminded me of when Dana Barros had that streak of hitting at least 1 three pointer in a game for like 70+ games and they C's were gonna lose but they called a timeout to run a play to get Dana a shot at a 3...this was somewhat similar...but I am glad they did it bc he should have easily had the 10 assists if guys made some shots. I think it takes a tiny bit away from what Rondo's streak means but I am glad they did this rather than just pull him and let the streak die. It is a pretty cool streak so why not right?
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    5 games in 7 is no excuse. We're deep enough that Doc could have spread out the minutes better or given someone a night off. They played real early yesterday. No reason they couldn't have gotten a good night's sleep.

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    the bad thing was, that this loss had nothing to do with missing chemistry but only with the lack of energy and focus.

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    PF seems to be a big issue for the C's... Maybe Doc should move Bass to C the way he did to KG... That may jump start his recent pathetic performances...

    As frustrating as it's been so far, there still are 70 games to get it right...
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    Boston is in real trouble, I know its early. I know how NBA works, I know Boston will get better, they will. But my point is to a larger issue, The Celtics have no one inside.

    KG plays outside box, he floats, and he's are only big hitting the boards. Listen, Bass is to small, Sully to young, Wilcox isn't good enough, Darko is outta shape/ not very good.

    Unless Boston does something around NBA trade deadline, Celts are in trouble come playoff time.

    No way in the world Boston can beat Miami Heat in playoffs giving second shots, no way. Also lookout for Sixers, Knicks, Bulls, Bucks, Pacers.

    The Celtics need a solid #4/ #5 that can rebound, that player isn't on this team right now.

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