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    fantasy one two punches

    please share your fantasy ultimate one two punches of all time.
    one rule: the players must have played in the same era, for example i could say ai and shaq, but not drose and hakeem olajuwon. feel free to give reasons as well

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    Shaq and MJ

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    Why do they have to be from the same era? It seems like mixing and matching guys with different styles of play from different eras is what makes this kind of discussion fun. Anyway-

    50's- Bob Cousy and Dolph Schayes (being a two hand set shooter, Schayes needed good ball movement to score points. No telling how much he would've scored, with him being the best two hand set shooter of the era and Cousy being the bet passer of the era)

    60's-Jerry West and Sam Jones together as sharpshooters in the backcourt.

    70's- Any team with both Dr. J and Pete Maravich on it would've automatically been the most fun to watch team of all time. The number of highlight reel ally-oops that would've been produced makes this combination worth it.

    80's- Isaiah Thomas and George Gervin. Two of the best streak scorers ever. They could definitely take over games together.

    90's- Gary Payton and Dennis Rodman. A defensive one two punch. Seeing a team with these two guys take on Jordan would've been fun

    2000's- Steve Nash and AI. If you like watching teams that run a lot and take lots of shots, you would like a team with these two guys in the backcourt.
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    late 70's: Moses Malone & Dave Cowens. You have a true low post beast in Malone and a high post Center that could get nasty down low. Anyone that think Ruland and Mahorn were nasty? These guys were as nasty and better players to boot.

    80's: Magic & Bird: A bit soft on the on ball D, but the passing and offensive flow is sublime.

    00's: KG & Duncan: Again a low post and a high post. D galore. Only issue is button down Duncan found explosive and intense KG to be too much personally.

    late 80's McHale & Stockton: big time low post monster and elite passing PG
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