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No doubt -- when those unique players come along like Strasburg or Harper or Straw or A-rod or Griffey etc.. they are above and beyond. Not every year the #1 pick is a big prize, though.

Like this year, any number of guys could have gone number one -- combine that with signability & affordability and talent does not equal draft position one bit.

I don't disagree that you have the best odds when you pick #1, but in Baseball, the odds aren't overwhelming to the point that its necessary to tank. Especially when the notion here is that we need to be in the bottom 10% instead of the bottom 15-20%.

Management is ****ing up just as hard if they can't get quality players to build around in the top 10 or top 15.
I agree. But Chipper was the clear-cut #1 pick either, the Braves wanted to draft Todd Van Poppel. The best part about having the 1st pick, is that you can pick whatever player you want because they are all available.