Unlike the Denver game (which I expected to be a blowout) I'm not expecting this game to be a huge blowout or anything. Our defense for the most part has done well this season and I expect them to keep TB to under 21 or so. The offense is so hot/cold that it's really to hard to predict. I could see Cam throwing 350 yards with 3TDs/0INTs and maybe even running in one, but I could also see him throw 250 1TD/3INT, it's just hard to tell. TB's defense has been good against the run this season, but they're bad against the pass. The offense is good, but very overrated.

I'm expecting their DL to wreck our OL, just like every other team does. TB's interior linemen did well against us in week 1, but now we're without Kalil at C so it could be worse.

Like I said in previous weeks, the season is pretty much over in terms of playoffs, so I just want to see Cam improve over the last few weeks and I have two games left on the schedule that I want the team to win: vs TB and vs ATL.

I think both of those games are winnable. This week we play the Bucs who are being talked about like they're gods for beating mediocre teams (they are good, but let's be honest, they aren't going anywhere this season), I think this could be one of those "upsets" that aren't really upsets. But we play ATL in week 17, so they could be looking to rest starters which would put us in position to win that one, so we could have wins against all three division opponents.