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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankee Clipper View Post
    Nope. 2 levels up higher from that. At least at my school.
    How'd you do in your Intermediate Accounting classes?

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    I seem to recall taking an, intro to the Universe course that appeared unbelievably boring and difficult. It was a basic course with no prequisites, and the professor was doing complex mathematical equations on the first day without even bothering to give a general overview of what we would be learning! I felt as though I was in some advanced course that people studying quantum physics were required to take to complete their major.

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    Easily my undergraduate Simulations class. Basically, using a computer program called Arena, we had to build a simulation of a manufacturing plant. Not like a physical building simulation, but more like we had to map out the entire manufacturing process, including the random distribution of orders arriving to the plant, the set-up steps, queues in the process, each manufacturing step, transportation, various wait-times, random system breakdowns/downtime, etc.

    We had two projects for the class, one of which was the problem being used for an international competition. My group had no clue what they were doing though, so I pretty much did all of the work. For the first project I spent a good 30 hours per week for over a month just working on that. It ended up paying off too as my prof said it was one of the best ones he'd ever seen from the class (he teaches it every year). We had the option of entering it into the competition, and a couple groups did. We didn't enter, but a different group in my class placed 2nd in the world. Yet mine was apparently better than theirs according to my prof. That was $10,000 and a trip to Cancun I missed out on :/

    It was insanely difficult, but I actually enjoyed it so it wasn't all that bad.

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