I don't pay attention to those fake piston fans worried about links & quotes...lol but yea I agree with u 100%
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Oh, seriously, who gives fawk is somebody doesn't quote properly or mixes up a link. Let's talk about this issue he's bringing forward.

THIS TEAM IS NOT WINNING GAMES!!!! Why are we playing Maxiell? His numbers aren't as good as Drummon, and we need to see if Drummond can play... he's gotta get consistent minutes so he can develope as an NBA player.

This team can not get much worse than where it is right now (1-9? We have more losses than any team in the league right now).

Detroit has potentially the best young PF/C combo in the league in Monroe and Drummond... let's see if these guys are for real and see what kind of damage thay can do.

And fawkin amnesty Charlie-V already!