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    Drummond should get more of max minutes ASAP....

    Check out this article Drummond is beating max in every category but frank is still playing him 14mins a gm. Not to mention drummond is ranked top 10 rookie without getting half the minutes other rookies are getting seems like Detroit is holding him back article below source Detroit free press>>>>>> Most NBA franchises would love a magic elixir to keep fans interested despite losing eight of nine games to start a season. The Pistons just so happen to have one in Andre Drummond.

    Drummond is still a ways away from being a consistent, reliable impact player. But so far, he has offered enough tantalizing potential to keep fans intrigued by the team, excited for the future and, most important, watching despite a terrible start to the season. Beyond that, though, he has been extremely productive in limited minutes and maybe deserves an increased role.

    Complicating matters is the fact that incumbent starter Jason Maxiell, in a contract year, is having a pretty good season -- career-high averages in scoring, rebounding, blocked shots, free-throw percentage and the second-best field-goal percentage of his career. On top of that, his 15-footer has been more reliable, and he came into the season in fantastic shape. It’s difficult to make a case to bench a decent veteran in favor of a 19-year-old rookie who still has a lot of developing to do. But that’s exactly the call the Pistons are going to have to make, at some point.

    Drummond’s stats won’t compare with Maxiell’s, simply because there is a significant discrepancy in minutes played. But their averages per 36 minutes paint a different picture:

    Points per 36 minutes: Drummond 15.4, Maxiell 12.9

    Rebounds per 36 minutes: Drummond 11.4, Maxiell 9.0

    Blocks per 36 minutes: Drummond 2.4, Maxiell 2.0

    Steals per 36 minutes: Drummond 1.9, Maxiell 0.2

    Maxiell is shooting 54%. Drummond is shooting 68%. Looking at some advanced stats, via Basketball Reference, Maxiell’s Player Efficiency Rating (PER) is 15.7, Drummond’s is 23.8. Maxiell’s total rebound percentage (estimate of percentage of total available rebounds grabbed while the player was on the floor) is 14.2, Drummond’s is 18.0. Drummond has a better offensive rating (points scored per 100 possessions) and better defensive rating (points given up per 100 possessions) than Maxiell.

    Maxiell is having a good season, by his standards. Most of his numbers -- both regular and advanced stats -- are at or near his career highs. And despite that production, Drummond still statistically has been the far superior player on a per-minute basis.

    Certainly, there probably would be a few counterarguments the organization would make. Foremost among them is that Maxiell has played mostly against starters, while Drummond’s limited minutes have come mostly against second units. Maxiell’s experience probably comes in handy at times -- it’s a safe bet that he understands the offensive and defensive systems and game plans better than Drummond.

    Beyond that, there probably are nonbasketball factors at play. Starting Drummond immediately thrusts a lot of attention on him, and the Pistons likely want to make that a more gradual process, letting him focus on learning the finer points of being a NBA player without the pressure of being relied on at such a young age.
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