Just noticing that we have had troubles filling most positions with a clear cut starter... Which is probably most important when rebuilding. Other than cousins, who is set at any position?

Now, we have made questionable trades, and signed questionable players, and suddenly, our cap space is gone. So we have no cap space. A future first round pickis gone. And have very little to show for improvement.

Is Petrie underperforming?

As for the draft, I think we as a whole could have picked better players recently. The only great pick was cousins. And it was basically him or Monroe that year... Both would be good picks.

I know the jimmer year, there were plenty of better picks. And before I get the argument that he maloofs made that pick.... Isn't it the GMs job to let the owners know that his expert opinion goes against the pick.

I just think of how different players like Kamba, leanard or even lillard this year could have made a difference to what we are seeing progress. Now, hopefully T-Rob is the long term answer at PF... But hadwe picked lillard, there would be no question....

So I ask you, is Petrie done?...