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I'm against all suppliments, yes, remember all that hydroxy cut, ephedrine, and jacked garbage you guys been shoving down your throats, there's a reason that crap gets pulled off the shelf. If you guys think that stuff belongs in your liver, fine, destroy your body over short gains however you want to. But were not talking about that right now.

Cross fit, lmao, it's a damn pyramid scam for people who want to be great at doing made up work outs. Go to a local cross fit gym, believe Me, it doesn't look like the competitions you see on tv. A bunch of fools bragging about there intense workout, yelling at each other, but they all look like crap, can't even tell they workout.

Its more like this, than what you see on tv.

A) What does any of that have to do with creatine ...
B) You will get the same **** with every exercise regiment... There are always people who are idiots. Does everyone strength/wight lift properly? Hell no.

When done properly cross fit is a very viable exercise route. It's just not for everyone.