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    Tricep pain going on 10 days (medical question)

    Wife starts to work out with me and she hits her first tricep day

    She did only 20-30 lb pull downs but her entire tricep has gotten worse every day since and the pain now runs down her side. She has an appointment in three days.

    The last issue is she cant even lift her arm over her head. I am starting to believe she some how ****ed her shoulder up.

    She cannot move the appointment up,

    So does anyone have a story that relates to this, what it may be , or a way to help her pain?

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    Ouch.. Sounds like pinched nerves

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    Yeah that sounds pretty bad. Id consider the ER Room if you have healthcare

    Canelo with the nice 7 punch combination

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    Could be severe DOM's. I too was very worried when I had them after my first time working out.

    I did so much volume on my arms the first workout because I was clueless about working out.

    I couldn't extend my arms past 90 degrees for the next 7 days. And I couldn't go back to the gym for 2 whole weeks.

    Look up DOMs and see if she has some of those symptoms.

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